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July 8, 2004
1:39 AM
poem written on the fore-head of ORSON WELLES

poem written on the fore-head of ORSON WELLES

Inspired by Carol Mak

i am a mesh filter falter a measure cup sinfully sieve i am a motor with an antigrav rotor i send greetings i receive confirmation i am contradiction i am information that takes long to process then to the window of mind i set fire in excess of my desire * to trap myself within lurid features dispatch armies of strange creatures perhaps even paratrooper spiders on piano wire * yes this is my utmost innermost wants of inner tubing at which point did i let out the air whispering sweet nothings in your ear imitating five day old stubble and blimps to the expended extent that they are indeed the cool cats that they so desperately pretend to be why do you always consciously do it to yourself why not respect yourself like blue gas flames stop playing * games and find a job easier said than done easily more than none today is fiction tomorrow worse yet is a preplanned masculine contradiction between form and discontent day what the hey hi ho what the hell indeed a beard suits him well but so does a moustache of terribly wonderful proportions eaten whole plus horse and found shivering on an anime turnpike wondering hoping praying for electromagnetic distortion praying for water waiting for the rain * the confidence maintained