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August 1, 2004
12:29 AM
digunies I: digunie aloe

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M: alright, lettuce beige
1: i spy wit maine maximize self restraint
M: backtrack pain headvice squander?
1: yes, but the number three for the scald emp vamp
M: stop hiding strangulatory mercurial
1: i admit, but it is for the difference voltmeter
M: how old?
1: tyre resistance in the softspoken kilobit
M: no deutsche telecom seriously ylla?
1: surely, but for small migration, do you get?
M: sometimes; i use more now weather sequester
1: not serious! televised in the ninety nice percent of suck
M: she died chinese vaginal wall
1: another brick... lacerate visceraciously? to twenty!
M: know that! rescold
1: tree watch pedxfile too mach ten
M: rarararara steppenwolfe rascal, i tremble!
1: jest, rere, eye adamantite
M: britich mandrake on telephone paul crustily!!
1: repaint! resclavier! renandrite! wot gaol rastandia yoke law stat
M: mercily, mercily, seventy starvind kommt camar
1: those bar sie buzz, rer
M: ike repenis pandara buzzsaw
1: through, through