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March 22, 2014
12:54 PM
Re: Re: Medicaments

This piece was written in Signal Mosaic, in response to Morroque's "Re: Medicaments", for a score of 10,367.

Benny Benson begins browsing best burnished brown bros, burrows big, bushiest brows. Tired Tom Thompson tries trust, ten ton tent technologies. Driving, Dodd Doddson deletes deleterious dove droves. Len Lenson lends Lorrie Lonson less lonely-looking, loopy looky-loos. Rob Robson rides red robins; Ron rubs, robs ruddy Rose Ronson rudderwise: "Row, row." Frink fines fros. Inez Innisworth irks ill Ike. Ennis Eton ends eel egos. Kenneth Kenilworth kills krill.