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May 8, 2018
4:47 AM
part-time wife

in the gathering dusk
you made your own gluttonous bed

the night is an orgasm on wheels
festooned with dirt and peonies

it will pull out your teeth
it will flatten your bones

that painter you'd met
he measures what time left to him

in fasces of words
then flies off to roam

men are loam
women must dodge and burn

peacock tongues printed on plates
(malcolm x is gay

the fear and dismay at the gate
the ferry's perpetually late

to the bicycle merry go round
to herr cubik's soft rube of cold flesh

now the undergirding of
the superstructure is drawn

the coverlet crumpled and torn
in a rage  there's a marathon

coming to town  there's
a siren blares from the page