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December 8, 2018
9:33 PM
ministry of absorption

"treat me like a first edition  she tells me
my thoughts are scattering like frightened mice
and on my way downstairs i note

the roses are depressed again
it's time to take them to the vet
and put them out to pasture

across the table long in the great hall
we toast to ruining each other's life
we ask  "can we finish the kitchen first
        —"can we finish the kissing first

somewhere not too far  a cop
hides in the bushes with his violation stick
how many will he bugger here

meanwhile  we sniff each other's butts
(yours smells of gold and daffodils
mine of blood and ink

later still we dream  you are become
a white mare on a heath with spotted foals
in tow  I am a beagle on a leash

and now I am a sisiphus of sorts
only with mop instead of mohammedan rock
and so I clean the floor  you strike a pose

while i  three legs ashiver
blighted and halfblind
observe the opening of petals

there are musical marks for fractions of silence
but i awake and I am not a dog  instead
when my wife goes to sleep  i settle the accounts