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June 5, 2019
1:37 PM
Dr. Daddy

To Sophie Grace Shields

she stirs th soda gin
with th stem of a pink rose

her imperious face
a flesh coloured house for thoughts

my life as of late is a view
sectioned into squares

I have you now
what shall I do with you

th animals watch us with empty eyes
each death an education

i wish to go to places
like the one called nice

(which rhymes with ice
not niece

from where to feed you morsels
mail you parcels

but no  th champagne cork
it breaks th chandelier

th snow is slowly melting
on the eaves

under this blanket
you're my ortolan

under these covers I eat you
whole  beak and all

it is most beautiful a day
all fathers are liars

as you exit th bathroom
towels wrap'd about you like cabbage

my hands are crab claws
you suggest  look up some greek

what's left  feet  tenebrescence
tales told by light

gilet de sauvetage
dans la console centrale

so sayeth th sign  so i resign
myself to travel binges

i want to change your oil
i want to oil your hinges

but how is the song of the thrush
to compete with the song of the locomotive

простите  как сказать
хлеб по французски

(this ought explain it
я хочу так много  но

she is a woman who knows
what she wants

and me  i was born