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October 13, 2019
1:42 PM
midwife crisis

fall is arrived

you tell me you're never heard
our house is strewn
with postindustrial artefacts
and animal fur

tonight  you wore the plain
black band watch
from your last longterm man
the thin ring he'd given you
emblazoned with BAD BITCH

behind you
blue koi jump against the stream
bounce off the water

at times like these
i remember what holden
has to say about pretending
to be a deafmute
with a deafmute girl
in a cabin all his own

(as far as i'm concerned
it's the best part
of that terrible waste of words

as far as you're concerned
i don't exist
in this discrete moment

on bad days
you rend unto me
an unanswerable catechism

    who taught you how to sweep
    who taught you how to drive
    who taught you how to live
    who taught you how to make the bed
    who taught you how to lie

on good days
when my mind isn't
polluted with fear

    we drink coffee
    we drive nowhere
    we buy produce
    we watch something  and get high
    (a ritual with effective victuals

when we lay us down to sleep
we note the marks of our past occupations
that lower our resale value
that cover our bodies
these dings and scratches
add only more character

              the world ends
            when something